Water birth is a natural delivery method that emerged in the 1960s in Europe and the USA, with excellent results in low-risk pregnancies.

Its advantages are translated into minimum use of medicines or anesthesia in labor because both water and relaxation exercises, reduce the pain of childbirth.

In water birth, the mother delivers her child in an individual tub with water heated at body temperature. The child is born in the water, avoiding the traumatic experience when changing from one environment to another. The rate of medical intervention in water births is low.

Birth in the water is extremely safe: there are more than 45,000 water births in the world, with no data of dangerous complications in any of them (for neither the mother nor the baby).

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Is there a risk that the baby will drink the water? The problem wouldn’t be the baby drinking the water, because we all do. The problem would be to inhale it however the baby is in water (amniotic fluid) in the womb, so his or her respiratory tract are filled with fluids. While the baby is in the water, he or she doesn’t have the need to breath or the stimuli to cry, so there’s no risk of aspiration. Babies who are born in water, usually don’t cry after their birth.

Birth in water doesn’t represent a risk for the mother or the child. Scientific reviews from Europe, especially the UK, conclude that there are no differences in the rate of morbidity or mortality between a regular and a water birth as long as they’re delivered by a professional. It is important to note that water birth should be attended by a specialist, even in low-risk pregnancies.


Is it true that water helps to relax the mother and the baby? Yes, water is relaxing for everyone. When we get home tired the first thing we do is take a nice relaxing bath.

For a woman delivering her child is not different, the water calm and gives a feeling of cleanliness, especially a bath with shower. This is very good a pregnant woman who eliminates a lot of labor secretions.

To the pregnant woman the bath helps to support the weight of her body, which produces a very pleasant sensation, in addition to relaxing the musculature of the perineum and the entire body.

It’s a known fact that everything the mother feels is felt by the baby too, so if the mother is calmed and relaxed, the baby will be too. Birth in water is an extremely gentle method for both mother and baby.

Mother and baby suffer less anxiety. The mother can find a comfortable position to facilitate the descent of the baby through the birth canal that way she is facilitating a more peaceful transition for the baby. The method has lots of advantages for both the woman and the newborn.