Every birth is unique and it need to be treated with respect and faith.

During labor, care, support and constant checking on the progress of labor and baby are given, as well as options to handle the pain, freedom and movement always respecting the importance of humanized soft birth. The use of water, homeopathy, local herbs, movement and body techniques and more of 16 years of experience assisting home births guarantee a full, intimate and respectful experience. After being in a lot of home births, the specialized, professional and deeply transforming attention is guaranteed.

I, Aneke, believe that humanization or “mamiferación” of birth is a basic right as well as an extraordinary possibility to experience female vitality. For me, a humanized birth means a woman is lead of her birth, she chooses where, how and who to give birth with; her decision is respected and supported with love and wisdom.

It’s important to mention that invasive interventions like dilatation checkups, bag rupture, the use of intravenous serum, etc. are used only when necessary.

(When required) I am a guide in this physiological process of giving birth. I always open a space for woman to give birth and to find a position that she chooses to facilitate her labor hours.  That way she opens her body in the gentlest way to give birth, and the happiness to live this unique and intimate experience with all its strength appears in its fullness

Immediate Post Partum

After being born, support is given skin-to-skin contact immediately, the baby lies on her mother’s breast to initiate attachment and to give the mom a chance to meet her baby after her wonderful job of giving birth.

The father will be present and supporting his wife and his child.We favor early breastfeeding and reduce possible postpartum depression. In addition there is a time for mother and child to relax before giving birth to the placenta. It takes between 5-60min postpartum for the placenta to descend and in a squat position with the help of gravity it’s pushed outside.  We cut the cord late to ensure that the baby receives all the benefits of its placenta and receives its volume of blood with stem cells. In addition, the umbilical cord still receives oxygen as long as the placenta is connected to the wall of the uterus and will facilitate the adaptation to its new environment. For about three hours I will stay to check on you and your baby in your home, supporting the transition of the baby and ensuring that the family is comfortable and safe.

Resource Library

Get access to our library of useful tips, advice and guides for mom’s about pregnancy, labour and life with a little one. 

Post partum

After childbirth I will visit you at home after 24 four hours, at the third and seventh day postpartum and then I’ll encourage you to visit me 2, 4 and 6 weeks postpartum in my home or office to check on you and your baby and to help you with tips and answer your questions. These visits come with a deep transition that occurs in the family and help clarify all your doubts as new parents.

The seventh postpartum day I will give your belly a Mayan swadling, I will also massage your whole body and put your hip in place closing your body and your spirit so they will be strong again after the beautiful labor you performed for you to slowly return to your daily life with your baby in your arms.

Postpartum, the first week I will be available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, solve any doubts and distresses.