Pre natal visits

A prenatal visit lasts from one to one and a half hours, eligibly in my house or the home of the future parents, It’s always best for the mom to be supported by a family member but she want’s to come alone that’s fine too.

The visits include a full pregnancy checkup of the mother’s emotional and physical needs and a full examination of the baby, it’s heartbeat, position in the womb, an explanation of all physical changes. We’ll chat about everything you want to know (doubts, fears, changes in general, planes with the baby, etc.)

Resource Library

Get access to our library of useful tips, advice and guides for mom’s about pregnancy, labour and life with a little one. 

Psychoprofilatic Course


Psychoprophylactic courses are aimed at future parents / families, to connect and identify with their pregnancy, the role of parenting, the arrival of their child, and life with their new family member.

During two whole days you will receive information about the sacred pregnancy, meditation with live music, visualization of being a light source, movements / exercises to relax and soften the body, information about the dignified and humanized birth at home or in a hospital, all about the puerperium, the divine lactating stage, healthy nutrition, the newborn and its needs, and all about being conscious parents and a loving couple.

We’ll have fun making plaster molds of the belly silhouette to have an incredible memory.

Care during labour

If you have chosen to have your baby in love and peace in your home, I’ll gladly take care of you there as long as we don’t have any major risks that implicate intensive cares for the child.

Whenever you need attention (for example if water breaks or if you start having contractions) you can call me, we will talk about the situation and if necessary I’ll be there for you after the birth; I’ve dedicated myself to take care of mother and child, help and guide during the whole process of birth with love, knowledge and dignity.

I will check the baby’s heart rate at all times, the mother vital signs, keeping you company during the delivery, including the birth of the baby, expulsion of the placenta, revision of the perineum and vagina (sutures in case of tear), also help during breastfeedings, I’ll check on the baby and I’ll take data: Apgar, weight, size, vital signs). I’ll provide a full service for you and your baby.

My intention is to let you experience and live a natural childbirth, teamed with educated staff in the clean and loving environment of your home, to respect your decisions and needs at this very emotional and special time. Labor and birth are experiences full of life, joy, effort and very intense emotions, so I’ll prepare you for them, I’ll help you with natural techniques for the management of contractions; I’ll support your particular needs so that the birth of your baby is a gratifying and wonderful experience.

By no means I’m a replacement of your partner, I’ll encourage you to share and live together this special moments and support the needs of the future mother. A labor at home ends immediately and is always moved to the hospital in case of detecting any risks for the mother or baby.