The way we are born has an impact on our life. Being treated respecfully teaches us to be respectful. To receive love teaches us to give love. When, how, where and with whom to give birth is a personal choice and should also be an informed decicion.

Hi i’m Aneke Schmittner!

Thanks for visiting! I’d like to share with you a little about how i came to be a midwife practising humanised births in Mexico. Lower down the page feel free to read through some of my clients experiences to get an idea of what your humanised birth maybe like! 

I was born in Germany in 1976 and was raised with love and discipline in a loving and united family.  I am now the proud mother of three children Marion, Nemo and Jade. I initially studied for three years as a midwife and gained my professional title in 1998. I started to work as a midwife in a hospital which delivered over 1500 babies a year, of which 80% were vaginal births. 

In the year 2000 i arrived in Mexico looking for the possiblity to work in a team alongside other midwives and doctors, however there was no doctor-midwife set up at that time. Thus i decided to team up with other midwives and started caring for mothers and delivering babies in a dignified and loving way offer care for humanised births both at home and in hospital.

I specialised in psychoprofilatic courses for expecting parents, home births and water births as well as providing care and support for parents that choose the presence of a doctor. 

I also offer additional services in post and ante natal care, placenta encapsulation and meditation. 

If you have some questions that you’d like to talk over with me, just click below and ask away! Feel free to also check out our free resources library full of useful information, advice, tips and guides to pregnancy, labour and life with a little one!

“Without doubt i can tell you with all certainty that Aneke was always confident and showed deep and thorough knowledge and expertise. She helped us bring Dhahrana into this world after a long, complicated and humbling labour”

Metztli – Mom to baby Dharana

Vaginal home birth 

“I am incredibly grateful for the medicine and the doctors that were present during my labour and who did everything they could to ensure my baby was healthy and strong. Infinitely thankful.

Of course to Aneke as well for being there through it all, holding my hand at every moment, alongside my husband. I don’t think about the way in which my baby arrived in my arms any more because i know that it was simply how it was meant to be”

Kareena – Mom to baby Shivan

Emergency Cesarian hosptial birth