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Why choose Aneke?

  • 18 years – Midwifry experience
  • Offers humanized births
  • Post partum support
  • Ante natal visits & massage
  • Natural remedies and advice
  • Care available in English, Spanish & German

- Water birth -

Being in a swimming pool for your water birth is like floating on a cloud. The water itself has many uses like aliviating the pain and discomfort of your contractions and labour itself. 

It is safe, soothing and acts as a muscle relaxant helping the mother stay calm which in turn your baby feels and this aids in relaxing both mom and baby through this wonderful experience. 

- Home Birth -

The process of pregnancy and birth is a rite of life itself. It is a unique experience, both natural and personal. Mothers should be able to experience labour where they feel their strongest and most comfortable. 

We use water, homeopathy, local herbs, and specialised body techniques. Once the baby is born they are placed directly with the mother, skin to skin.

- Ante natal Care -

Ante natal care is an intimate space to learn about the physical and emotional changes the mother is and will be experiencing, as well as a complete physical examination (blood pressure, weight, position of the baby, baby’s heart beat) 

You wil be able to ask questions, explore your options and work closely alongside your midwife with your partner and family should you wish.

- Post partum Care -

Once the baby is born they are placed directly with the mother and your midwife will be with you over the following 3 hours to ensure a wonderful transition for you and your newborn and to make sure you are all comfortable and safe. 

Following birth you will be visited again 1, 3 and 7 days after birth with the option of then visiting your midwife  2, 4 and 6 weeks after.

- Full birthing packages -

This service includes total physical and emtional preparation for the mother and the pregnant couple, much like a live guide book. The package includes pre natal care, psychoprofilactic course for the couple, care during labour and birth and post natal care.

- Psychoprofilactic Courses -

These courses are specialised for expecting parents to help them connect and identify with the pregnancy, their role as parents and the pending arrival of their new family member.

The course is spread over a period of two days and includes a wide range of themes such as meditation, yoga postures to aliviate discomfort, stages of labour, natural labour and water birth, breast feeding, signs and symptoms to be aware of and much more.

Welcome to our womens birthing center!

 Welcome to my informative website all about the wonderful experience of pregnancy, the miracle of labour and birth and the delicacy of puerperium. I will do my best to discuss and explain all the options that each future family have, in order for them to receive the absolute best care possible during gestation, labour and the post labour quarantine period.

I would like to offer my services, as a midwife, with over 18 years experience caring for pregnant women, attending labour for both home births and hospitalized births, with all types of labour positions, both in and out of the water, caring for women during the puerperium stage, lactation (breast feeding) and the first moments spent with your baby immediately after birth.

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